Mandate Management

Mandate Management

VSoft’s Mandate Management System is an image-based, multi-institution, multi-location, web-based system for undertaking end-to-end operations for mandate-based, repetitive direct credit or direct debit transactions.

Functional Capabilities

Image-based Mandate Capture Solution

  • Scans images and data of mandates with speed and efficiency
  • Intelligent automation to reduce processing time

Transaction Manager

  • Originates rule-based, institution-specific outward transactions
  • Receives, routes and processes inward transactions
  • Acts as a validator for mandate and transaction status


  • Provides historical as well as real-time insights into operations
  • On-demand or automated statistics, graphs, and reports

Payment Gateway

  • Multi-protocol translator for payment networks
  • Customisable API-based design

Web Interface

  • Browser-based, cross-platform interface
  • Initiates e-Mandates
  • Online requests for amendment and cancellation

Core Interface

  • Configurable link to core systems
  • Facilitates pre-extract validation of latest core system data


  • High performance, high volume storage capacity
  • RDMS-based relational database

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