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IRIS ATM Switching

Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) have gained prominence as a delivery channel for banking transactions in India. More people are now moving towards using the automated teller machines (ATM) for their banking needs. Increased ATM usage is also helped by the fact that customers have now the flexibility of using ATMs of other banks, as most of the banks are part of major interbank networks.


  • EFT (Electronic Financial Transactions) Switch on a shared ASP basis.
  • Based on ISO 8583 messaging protocol, the world standard for Electronic Financial Transactions. Ensures interoperability with other switching networks for card-based transactions.
  • VSoft’s ATM Switch is integrated with the National Financial Switch (NFS) operated by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI).


  • Provides access to over 80,000 ATMs of NFS Member Banks across India. Bank just has to issue NFS-compliant “RuPay” Cards to its customers
  • Reinforces customer relationships with the introduction of self-service transactions
  • Cost-effective services round the clock
  • Scalability and availability – to support large volumes of transactions at low price

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