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Distributed Capture

The VSoft Capture distributed capture solution addresses the capture, validation, processing, and transmission of cheque images from all points of presentment.

The value proposition begins with the ability to facilitate the automation of deposits at branch tellers, branch back counters, merchant and consumer locations of varying volumes and value.

Our flexible architecture facilitates the deployment of business rules that are appropriate for each point of presentment and institution. Our solutions are designed with multi-institution capability from the outset, making it ideal for organizations processing transactions from multiple institutions.

Branch Capture
VSoft offers the ability to capture deposits at the teller window by transaction or behind the teller line by batch. Deployment of either or both solutions depends on your strategy, branch footprint and deposit mix. Both solutions allow you to capture, correct, and balance transactions at the branch (or optionally at central operations), to reduce cost, eliminate errors and accelerate float. All VSoft solutions are optimized to suit the unique needs of banks, credit unions, and processors.

Branch Capture – Teller: Captures deposit images, recognizes amounts and MICR lines, and balances transactions, right at the teller line before your depositor has left the branch!

Branch Capture – Back Counter: Captures high volume deposits behind the teller line. Facilitates correction and balancing at the branch to reduce costs.


  • Automated amount and MICR line recognition
  • Capture, correct, balance workflows
  • Image Quality Assurance
  • Compatible with wide range of scanners


  • Reduced teller workload
  • Reduced errors
  • Extended deposit window
  • Reduced back-office costs
  • Reduced transportation costs
Merchant Capture
Our Merchant Capture – Web solution enables merchants to capture cheque images at the convenience of their location, and send them electronically to you. The solution is browser based featuring ease of use and deployment.


  • Compatible with wide range of industry standard scanners
  • Automated amount recognition (CAR/LAR)
  • Intelligent Repair Image System (IRIS™) for automated correction
  • Image Quality Assurance
  • Duplicate item detection
  • Intuitive user interface


  • Significant reduction in deposit preparation
  • Reduced transportation
  • Longer deposit window
Consumer Capture

VSoft’s Home/Office distributed capture solution extends the convenience and cost savings of electronic deposit capture and transmission to home or office user. This solution provides the convenience of depositing cheques from home or offices anytime, day or night.


  • Fully automated image-and-data workflow to capture, validate, correct, balance, and send deposits
  • Lower cost channel for capturing and processing deposits
  • Custom threshold to monitor deposit activity and identify potential fraud


  • Penetrate new market segments
  • Lower per-transaction costs
  • Attract new business outside your geographic footprint
  • Appeal to tech-savvy users