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Exceptions Processing

Exceptions are an inevitable issue you will face as part of check processing. VSoft’s Central Site line uses an integrated image workflow to make exception processing faster, more efficient, less expensive, and less complex.

The VSoft Returns applications help you manage both outgoing and incoming returns. Image workflows boost efficiency to help you maximize productivity.

  • Returns – OUT: Flexible, image-enabled application for efficient processing of outgoing returns based on exceptions from your core solution
  • Returns – IN: Full featured application using image workflows for maximum productivity.


  • Automated account matching
  • Advice processing
  • On-us and transit return processing
  • EARNS reporting


  • Enhanced productivity
  • Reduced errors
Duplicate Detection
VSoft’s Duplicate Detection guards your institution from the impact of processing duplicate items.


  • Uses a consolidated database to identify potential duplicates
  • Accepts inputs from a variety of capture methods and third party providers
  • Evaluates a range of dates set by the institution in order to identify suspected duplicates
  • Allows you to accept a duplicate item to enter the system for a valid reason