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Archive & Research

eDesk Archive & Research solution is designed to manage operations related to image archive in image capture and exchange environments. The application allows you to backup processed item images, store them in a secure database which can be retrieved anytime to resolve disputes, complaints and reconciliation.

Research Functions

With eDesk Archive & Research, you can:

  • Locate specific items by search criteria
  • Review item data, including
  • Item image
  • Customer signature cards related to a specific item
  • Item information by transaction, batch, and bundle
  • Transaction details
  • Batch and bundle summaries
  • Audited items (repaired or corrected)
  • Print item image
  • Export images to Microsoft Word for use in reports and customer correspondence
  • Generate billing reports for research activities


  • Flexible, powerful search function
  • Search for specific items by MICR fields
  • Filter search results by endpoint, application type and work type
  • View details for a specific item or a complete transaction
  • View, print, fax, and email images or complete search results
  • Export data to a word processor


  • Improves customer service
  • Enhances operator efficiency
  • Eliminates the costs and maintenance of microfilm
  • Provides browser-based interface