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Cheque Image Statements

VSoft’s Cheque Image Statement solution is a browser-based, add-on solution to VSoft’s CTS solutions for image-enabled customer statements directly from within the processing centre environment using the cheque images in the archive. The cheque images can be sent to any standard laser printer or PDF allowing you to keep the printing in-house.

Benefits to Bank

  • Revenue Generation: Cheque Image Statement offers you the opportunity to put a price to the statement offerings.
  • Postage Reduction: About 10 to 30 cheque images can be reproduced on a single image attachment page, significantly reducing the weight and associated postage.
  • Reduced Manual Statements: Most account now requiring hand filing can be processed in an automated fashion, virtually eliminating the expense associated with manual processing.

Benefits to Customers

  • Personalised Statements: Statement can be personalized based on account number, product type, or statement cycle to give customers the freedom of choice
  • Improved Quality: The image-enabled automated process of reconciling exception accounts eliminates the problem of incomplete or incorrect statements.
  • Comfortable Filing of Monthly Statements: Monthly statements with cheque images can be easily filed and stored. On the other hand, managing large number of cheques is a cumbersome work.
  • Convenient Balancing of Statements: With high quality images of cheques, the process of balancing monthly statements and storing the statements for later use becomes convenient.

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