About VSoft

Corporate Citizenship

VSoft’s slogan is “Tomorrow.Today” so sustainability and promoting efforts to create a better tomorrow naturally aligns with our business objectives. We believe that doing our part to help is not just the right thing to do, it is a necessity. VSoft strives to maintain a corporate culture that continues to attract the highest caliber employees in the marketplace. Charitable programs are a source of great pride and enthusiasm among our employees. We are proud to participate in a variety of initiatives, particularly those that directly benefit the lives of children…our Tomorrow.Today!

Commitment to Community

We encourage and support the involvement of our employees in their communities. VSoft admires and is happy to support the following organization for their work to improve the lives of children in need.

BHUMI, is a “Center for learning transformational Grass Roots Leadership” fuelled by a vision to create an equitable and strife free society by grooming transformational leaders who will bring about large scale, holistic and sustainable transformation. For more information, visit: www.bhumi.in

Commitment to the Environment

We recognize our responsibility to the environment. We have implemented a number of initiatives to improve our environmental performance:

  • We provide tele-commuting opportunities and encourage virtual meetings.
  • We aim to reduce our energy consumption by using energy-efficient equipment.
  • We purchase reusable and/or recycled supplies to minimize the use of disposable products and waste.
  • We encourage recycling and provide receptacles in the office to facilitate paper and plastic recycling.