Delivery Options

Delivery Options

VSoft offers three unique delivery options. You choose the best option based on the size of your financial institution, the features you require, and your budget. Additionally, we offer a flexible exchange option that allows you to migrate from one model to another to meet your growth plans. These models allow you to allocate resources where they are needed in a way that satisfies your business strategy.

In-House Model

This deployment model offers the advantages of full infrastructure control, complete autonomy, and hardware flexibility. VSoft works with you during both the initial installation of the software and hardware and during subsequent system upgrades. We do not charge volume-based recurring fees on an in-house deployment. This assures you know capital expenditures and can amortize predictably. If you have the information technology staff to support an installed solution you can leverage our products in an in-house model to meet your needs.

Outsourced Model

Outsourcing to a trusted technology partner like VServe lets you capitalize on experienced resources and powerful, scalable hardware infrastructure. You perform minimal image capture and processing tasks, while VServe handles many of the daily back office functions for you.

Hosted Environment (SaaS model)

The Software as a Service (SaaS) model is a hybrid that allows you to capitalize on VServe’s infrastructure while keeping your authorized operators in full control of daily operations. This blend of hosted applications with real-time remote access provides the you with optimal solutions without having to invest in the architectural requirements of an internally deployed solution.

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