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NPCI’s NACH Takes Big Strides in Just 14 Months!

By the sheer implementation scope, any national level technology project in India is a massive undertaking. And when one considers the enormous challenges of overcoming the developmental, infrastructural, political, and cultural disparities of this nation, the vision of such projects can be nothing but audacious. The National Automated Clearing House (NACH) is a national project being undertaken by the National Payments Corporate of India (NPCI). As a centralised payments and settlements system, NACH has a vision of touching the lives of every Indian by 2020.

VSoft Technologies has a long history of helping financial institutions comply with changing regulatory requirements with our next-generation technology solutions. Our newly launched Centrum NACH is an end-to-end solution with an image-enabled mandate management system and a powerful and highly scalable ACH transaction management system.

NACH Timeline: A Snapshot of the Phenomenal Growth in Processing Volumes

NACH has made extraordinary strides in the last one year and is well on its way to become a future-ready world-class payments system.

(Source: NPCI website)


VSoft’s Centrum NACH

VSoft’s Centrum NACH, an end-to-end Mandate Enabled ACH Payments System , is an image-based, multi-institution, multi-location, web-based system for participating in NPCI’s NACH network for undertaking end-to-end operations for mandate-based, repetitive direct credit or direct debit transactions. With many unique features and capabilities and with a wide range of operational models, VSoft’s is by far one of the most mature and comprehensive systems available in the market today.

Supports all Models of Mandate Digitization

The Mandate Management module in Centrum NACH supports all models of mandate digitization. Whether you want to scan at a central site or at multiple hubs using high-speed scanners or at branches using a flatbed scanner, our scanning software is certified with all major cheque scanners.

  • Scan anywhere and process anywhere
  • Web-based distribution of scanning software
  • No installation teams required
  • Support for flatbed and high-speed scanners


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