VSoft’s Announcements

VSoft’s Announcements

Feb 24, 2014 – VSoft Unviels Global Rebrand .
Hyderabad, 2 Mar, 2015 – VSoft, a global provider of information and technology solutions for financial institutions, announced today its global rebrand which includes a new logo, company color and tagline “Ingenuity at Work.” This corporate rebrand coincides with the launch of its rebranded and reengineered banking solutions: Vantage 6.0, a next-generation productivity portal, and OnView 6.0, the unified payments platform which features a complete suite of remote deposit capture solutions. The new fresh, modern look along with the new tagline reinforces VSoft’s brand positioning and the company’s dedication to forward-looking development.The corporate rebrand was born out of an inititiative to simplify VSoft’s mission statement to one that clearly and concisely stated the company’s strength and its purpose: “Enriching customer efficiency through continuous innovation.” The goal of simplicity lead to the redesigned, much cleaner logo and the new tagline that better reflects who we are and how we represent ourselves. “Ingenuity at work” was chosen as the tag line as it speaks to company’s tireless effort to deliver innovative solutions to its clients.

Since 1996, VSoft’s clients have appreciated continuous product updates not only in additional feature functionality, but also a complete shift in the underlying technologies. VSoft is unique in the industry whereby, it has gone through three generational shift in underlying technologies from client/server in 1990s, ASP browser in 2000s, and .NET, C# and Silverlight earlier this decade. VSoft re-invents its platform yet again, with the announcement of the HTML5.0 based Vantage productivity portal and OnView payments platform.

“Our promise to our clients is to protect their investment in our technologies,” said Murthy Veeraghanta, chairman and CEO, VSoft. “As a company we wanted to make that commitment to our clients clear to the market. VSoft is continuously working to innovate our products, our processes and the services we provide to improve the efficiency of our clients operations. This rebrand emphasizes the market-leading solutions while better aligning the company’s marketing message and brand identity with who we are.”

About VSoft’s Data Center 

VSoft’s next-generation data center which hosts its core banking and payments processing platforms is located in Hyderabad and is equipped with leading-edge infrastructure. For physical security, the facilty is equipped with automated fire detection & suppression system, guards with CCTV monitoring, and biometric & ID Card Access Control. It has has 24/7 Redundant Power Supply with full UPS backup. A dedicated network and application monitoring team ensure the health of the IT equipment and a 24/7 support team consisting of experienced system administrators and network specialists provide round-the-clock support services. For connectivity, 170MBPS MPLS bandwidth is available at primary data center and a dedicated 40MB pipe is availabel between DC and DR in addition to redundant connectivity at all centers. Security audit of the data center systems have been undertaken by Paladion, rated as the largest ‘pure-play’ IT security provider in Asia and is also the only Gartner rated managed security provider in Middle East. Security audits have been conducted for physical controls, business continuity, DC & DR procedures, logical controls, application security and information security.

Dec 16, 2013 – VSoft Commissions New 900-Seater Processing Facility.

Hyderabad, 13 Dec, 2013 – VSoft Technologies, a global provider of core and payment processing solutions for financial institutions with operations in USA and India, announced that it has commissioned a new state-of-the-art business processing centre at Kukatpally, Hyderabad.

The new centre has a capacity to accommodate up to 900 operators in two shifts. The centre is also equipped with state-of-the-art facilities like high-speed network bandwidth, fully automated fire and safety systems and high-end security and monitoring systems for high reliability and security.

Highlights of the New Facility:
• 21,000 Sq Ft of operational area with a seating capacity of 900 in two shifts.
• State-of-the-art Data Center
• Advanced security systems equipped with CCTVs and biometric access control systems
• High-speed connectivity with 170mbps MPLS bandwidth and 40MB dedicated pipe between DC and DR.
• IT equipment health monitoring system and dedicated network and application monitoring team.

The Kukatpally facility is VSoft’s second Business Processing Centre in the country. The first centre was commissioned in Rajahmundry, AP. The combined capacity of the two processing centers is about 30,000 sft with a seating capacity of more than 1300. In addition to the two processing centres, VSoft has commissioned 22 Image Service Bureaus across the countries, which are primarily collection and scanning points.

VSoft’s current CTS infrastructure, when fully utilized, is capable of processing over 13 lakh items a day. Today, over 120 banks outsource their cheque truncation operations to VSoft. VSoft’s customer base includes large private banks like Axis Bank and Kotak Mahindra Bank; public sector banks like India Overseas Bank; and large co-operative banks like Saraswath Bank.

 VSoft is one among the top 10 BFSI software and services vendors in the country (according to CIO Review magazine ranking) and the third largest cheque processor in India with a peak throughput of over 5 lakh cheques a day.

Oct 28, 2013 – CTS Gujarat: Vijay Co-operative Bank Selects
VSoft’s CTS Solution.

Hyderabad, 28 Oct, 2013 – VSoft Technologies, a global provider of core and payment processing solutions for financial institutions with operations in USA and India, announced that The Vijay Co-operative Bank Ltd., Ahmedabad, has selected VSoft’s outsourced cheque truncation service. The bank has 14 branches across Gujarat.

Cheques from the 14 branches wil