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IRIS Customer Onboarding

IRIS Customer Onboarding Platform is a tab-optimized and eKYC-ready onboarding platform for the BFSI industry designed to mitigate some of the most challenging pain points in the existing customer onboarding process. The image-enabled and tab-optimized platform is designed to seamlessly handle information flow through right from the point of meeting the customer to finally ordering and dispatching of the welcome kit to customers.


Verification of the Proof of Identity (PoI) and Proof of Address (PoA) is a key requirement for access to financial products (payment products, bank accounts, insurance products, market products, etc.), purchasing SIM cards for mobile telephony, buying LPG, and access to various Central, State, and Local Government services. Today, customers provide physical PoI and PoA documents. Aadhaar is already valid KYC for banking, insurance, capital markets, telecom, LPG, Railways, and various Government services. In addition, the UIDAI now also proposes to provide an e-KYC service, through which the KYC process can be performed electronically with explicit authorization by resident.

  • Product Origination Features

  • Integrates with host systems to allow configuration of institution specific product and product feature information
  • Allows onboarding of multiple products simultaneously within a same user session for a set of KYC-compliant customers
  • Provides a work-in-progress workflow to allow users to stop the process in the middle and start at a later time
  • Generates e-forms as per product and industry specific needs. The forms can be signed electronically or it can be printed for signing. Later the signed document will be archived into a document management system.
  • Payment Initiation Features

  • Initiate payment instruction from within the origination platform. Supports integration with various payment systems such as CTS system for cheque payment, NACH system for mandate processing etc.
  • Prints payment acknowledgement. Also has the ability to send acknowledgements in SMS/Email format.
  • Exception Management Features

System has exception manager to handle all the exceptions related to KYC, product and payments. The supervisor has options to accept, reject or take corrective actions on the exceptions. The supervisor can also park the exceptions for deciding at a later date and time.
  • Dashboard and Rich MIS Features

  • Compliant as per the security standard defined by UIDAI to access ‘Aadhaar e-KYC Service’
  • Supports multi-factor authentication for accessing the system
  • Integration Features

  • UIDAI for authentication and e-KYC service
  • NSDL for PAN verification
  • SMS Gateway and Email Exchange Server to send notifications to the customer
  • Integration with biometric device to capture customer biometric information
  • Integration with host systems to pull product and product feature information
  • Integration with product Underwriting systems for approval or rejection of product/service to a customer
  • Integration with CTS application to process cheque payment
  • Integration with NACH application to process payment mandates
  • Integration with existing KYC repository for specific industries

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