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IRIS Digital Banking

IRIS Digital banking platform is uniquely positioned to offer a consistent and seamless user experience that consolidates online banking, mobile banking, and multiple payment channels integrated into a single code based digital solution. IRIS Digital Banking platform also streamlines vendor management efforts and IT support for the financial institution.



IRIS Digital Banking platform provides an array of features that includes Personal Finance Management for a Bank’s Customers as well as aid an institution’s processes in targeted marketing. Both business and retail bank users can easily gain insights on their customer’s account balances, detailed transaction information, overall financial position etc…


  • Multilingual platform
  • A single platform across multiple channels and devices
  • Intelligent responsive design on any device
  • Device and browser independence
  • Security best practices
  • Customizable branding themes
  • Complete suite of transactional services
  • One platform for business and consumer accounts
  • Social Media Banking
  • Cash Order for Card less ATMs
  • Multi-Factor authentication
    • Out-of-band authentication
    • Secure and compliant hosting


  • A consistent user experience across devices
  • Reduce costs of licensing multiple products (online banking, mobile banking, payment channels)
  • Vendor consolidation increases efficiency in back office support and vendor management
  • Anywhere and Anytime service for account holders
  • Same services across all devices
  • Streamlined processing for institutions with consistent data across multiple channels
  • Better cross-reporting capabilities
  • One system to manage multiple channels
  • Seamless hand-off of transactions between channels
  • Smooth transition of transactions between devices

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