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IRIS PACS Automation

With competition intensifying in the sector, VSoft’s offering provides a powerful and flexible platform to transform daily operations at PACS. The user-friendly software automates processes thereby improving efficiency and increasing profitability. VSoft’s cloud-based PACS solution is a premier, cost-effective software developed by VSoft that can be customised to meet the unique needs of PACS. Simply put, the solution enables credit societies to focus more on the business of finance and less on managing the IT.


The main objectives of PACS solution are as follows:

  • Become compliant with the Common Accounting System (CAS) prescribed by NABARD for PACS in India
  • Gain process efficiencies by standardizing business processes and practices
  • Simplify and speed up management decisioning with advanced
  • MIS capabilities
  • Seamlessly integrate with multiple service channels
  • Improve organisational transparency and accountability
  • Easy integration with agencies like DCCBs and Apex Banks

Important Features

  • Web-based technology
  • Platform-independent – available for both Windows and Linux platforms
  • Simple and user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Supports multiple regional languages. • Allows setting up of new types of loans and deposits
  • Streamlines postings to general ledger
  • Full suite of analysis and MIS reports – as per CAS
  • Automates interest calculation and posting

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