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KLS for Cooperative Banks

The multidimensional nature of problems in RuPay enabling of KCC for the CCS requires a unique and holistic solution. VSoft’s Kisan Loan System addresses the existing multidimensional problems and lays the foundation for various business process improvements through technology that will revolutionize credit delivery and foster financial inclusion among millions of farmers.

  • There are Significant Regulatory Constraints to be Addressed

Although they are affiliated to the DCCBs and are a part of the CCS and for all practical purposes work as the extended arms of the SCBs and DCCBs, PACS are not part of the Banking & Payments System. As such, PACS are not eligible to issue RuPay cards to their farmer members. Hence, the solution has to work within the limitations of the existing regulatory guidelines for enabling the CCS to issue RuPay Cards to farmer members of PACS.KLS is Fully Compliant With All Existing Banking Regulations
KLS offers a compliant handshake between the banking technology network available at the DCCB and the frontline logistics network managed by the PACS. With VSoft’s solution, the long-established banking regulations are safeguarded and more importantly the time-honoured preeminence of PACS as a trusted service provider to millions of small and marginal farmers is not only retained but also rejuvenated by the adoption of information technology.

  • The Crop Loans Domain is multi-layered and multi-participant

Crop loans are originated, approved and maintained in the cooperatives using intricately formulated rules and guidelines that encompass multiple schemes under multiple lines of credit having multiple durations and satisfying varied sets of norms, convergent in a single loan account. Hence, the solution should encapsulate subtle nuances of the existing crop loan rules & guidelines in their entirety without disturbing the extant business processes.KLS Can Process All Crop Loans End-to-end
KLS not only captures all the nuances of crop loan processing as practiced by the CCS but also automates many paper-based processes at PACS. The solution encompasses the entire cycle of crop loan processing including credit limit application, drawals and repayments capturing various global, district and sub-district parameters for members, schemes, seasons, crops, crop insurance, scales of finance, due dates, interest rates etc.

  • The Need for a High Performance System with Low Running Cost

It is only now with the widespread use of technology in banking that the real intended benefits of KCC Scheme are within the reach of the farmer members of the CCS. However, although PACS are large in number, they are relatively small in size and operation. Hence, the ideal solution should not only be high in stability, availability and scalability but also be low in capital and running expenses.KLS is a Shared Cloud System and is Highly Affordable
KLS is a multi-institution, multi-tenant and multi-lingual solution available both as a cloud-based software-as-a-service and as a licensed in-house solution. The solution is architected based on popular industry standard protocols that enable it to run in any operating environment providing the freedom of choice as per existing or desired infrastructure. In addition, real-time transactional capabilities and ease-of-use offer invaluable returns on investment.

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