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CTS For Non MICR Centres

Are You Cheque Truncation Ready?

With the RBI and NPCI working intensely to convert all the MICR Centres in the country to Cheque Truncation System (CTS) by June of 2013, it is only a matter of time before Non MICR Centres are also called upon to convert to CTS.

We Can Convert You to CTS Quickly and Cost Effectively

VSoft Corporate Overview

Our focus on customers’ needs translates directly into solutions that meet their current requirements, yet serve them well as their business evolves. This steadfast commitment has generated success for our customers and a steadily growing customer base for VSoft.

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Outsourced Cheque Processing 

Outsourcing your non-core operations like cheque processing has immense potentials for your institution in terms of cost savings and customer satisfaction.

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CTS Deployment Models 

From fully outsourced models to fully in-house models, we have the widest choice of deployment models for you to choose from.

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Imaging Solutions Overview

We have  imaging products covering the full spectrum of cheque truncation from remote capture to central site processing.

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