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Jeb UPI Mobile Application

Jeb, VSoft’s mobile payments offering in integration with the Unified Payments Interface of National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI) is a whole new approach which lets the users pay and receive money instantly using their mobile phone. The users need not carry cash to make their payments and the receipt of money right into their account.

Any and every transaction now becomes easy with VSoft’s Jeb mobile application. The users can add any bank account and view the balances on a single platform. The interactions can be driven by voice or the users can interact with the application in their preferred regional language. Users can also make use of the inbuilt QR code scanner and contacts lookup features in their mobiles for payments and collections. Jeb is designed for to make transactions quick and easy i.e. lesser clicks no matter what the task is.

With inbuilt security features that are compliant with regulatory requirements such as multi factor authentication etc., Jeb enables making payments cashless and trouble free.

Jeb is not a wallet as it does not require movement of funds into an intermediary 3rd party account, entails continuous float in the customer’s bank account itself. Jeb is a payment channel that enables Banks to compete with the wallets.

The customers both at the time of payments and receipts, need not disclose their bank accounts or any other details of their accounts thus retaining safety, security and confidentiality.



  • Multi Factor Authentication
  • User lock out
  • Timer based session time out
  • Mobile PIN for every transaction


  • Virtual address
  • Aadhar
  • Mobile number


  • Contact Lookup
  • Voice commands and response
  • Multi-Lingual
  • Transaction history, Daily Reconciliation reports


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