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Cheque Truncation

VSoft is one of the largest outsourced cheque truncation services provider in the country, with a client portfolio inclusive of major public sector, private sector and co-operative banks. Fully compliant with RBI’s cheque truncation guidelines, VSoft’s platform BPO infrastructure for cheque processing, when fully utilized, is capable of processing over 15 lakh cheques a day.


With the nation-wide implementation of grid-based Cheque Truncation System (CTS) by RBI/NPCI, cheque processing in general has gained speed and operational efficiency in addition to other benefits such as cost effectiveness, business process re-engineering, better service, adoption of latest technology. With over 19 years of experience in building and managing image-based cheque truncation software for financial institutions across the world, VSoft has emerged as a partner of choice for many banks in India. Today, more than 100 banks and financial institutions outsource their cheque truncation operations to VSoft. Some of our key customers include Allahabad Bank, Axis Bank, Saraswat Bank, Orissa State Co-operative Bank etc. 

VSoft’s outsourced cheque truncation service includes:

Hardware and Software Services

  • Cheque truncation scanners and scanning software
  • Clearing House Interface (CHI) Hardware and Software
  • Data Centre and Disaster Recovery Centre set up
  • CAR/LAR Software
  • CAR/LAR Software
  • Automated File Transfer (License)

Connectivity Services

  • CHI to Clearing House
  • VSoft Data Centre to CHI
  • Bank’s Data Centre to VSoft’s Data Centre
  • Bank’s Data Centre to CHI

Professional Services

  • Clearing House Interface Setup
  • Disaster Recovery Services
  • Research of cheque images
  • Configuration of Bank’s Branches, Roles, Privileges etc. at VSoft’s DC
  • Configuration of Bank’s Branches at VSoft’s Image Service Bureau (ISB)

Outward Clearing Services

  • Collection and submission of physical cheques at ISBs or service branches
  • Scanning and uploading of Cheque Truncation System (CTS) compliant cheque images to data centre network
  • Running CAR/LAR engine for capturing amount data
  • Data entry of amount, payee name, account etc.
  • Repairing of rejects
  • Balancing of amounts in a batch
  • Verification of data
  • High Value Verification (Optional with parameterizable value setting)
  • Presentation of files to CHI
  • Loading of CHI Respone File
  • Lading of CHI Acknowledgement File
  • Archival of cheque images & data
  • Generation of MIS Reports
  • Generation of Extract File for CBS
  • Loading of Inward Returns File (on T+1)
  • Loading of Inward Returns MIS Reports (on T+1)
  • Generation of Inward Returns Extract for CBS

Inward Clearing Services

  • Loading of instruments received from NPCI
  • Data entry of payer account number, payee/depositor name
  • Level 1 Technical Verification
  • Level 2 Technical & Signature Verification
  • High Value Verification (Optional with parameterizable value setting)
  • Level 3 Verification of the items rejected in Level 2
  • Generation of Extract File for CBS
  • Marking of Return items in VSoft’s System
  • Loading of Returns File from CBS
  • Presentation of Outward Returns File to CHI
  • Loading of CHI Response File
  • Generation of MIS Reports

Training Services

  • Remote-instructor led training
  • Onsite-instructor led training
  • Help content such as user guides, tutorial videos etc.

Support Services

  • Remote Support
  • Onsite-Support