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MMS & ACH System

VSoft’s Centrum MMS-ACH System, an end-to-end Mandate Enabled ACH Payments System, is an image-based, multi-institution, multi-location, multi-tier web-based system for participating in NPCI’s NACH network in order to undertake end-to-end operations for mandate-based, repetitive direct credit or direct debit transactions. With many unique features and capabilities and with a wide range of operational models, VSoft’s is by far one of the most mature and comprehensive systems available in the market today.

Centrum MMS-ACH is built on the best principles of SOA resulting in re-usable business services. Mandate Decision Support System allows integrated view of CBS data such as customer signature and account information. To enable direct posting of transactions into bank’s Core Banking System, Centrum MMS-ACH can generate financial transaction messages in ISO 8583 format and is equipped to handle exception scenarios like down times of Core Banking System or connectivity failures with the help of auto regeneration of ISO 8583 messages. Centrum MMS-ACH generates reconciliation reports for accepted, rejected and returned transactions; thereby helping banks to analyze and interpret the status of transactions MIS dashboard allows monitoring of transactions at various stages of processing. Transferring of mandate and transaction files between your financial institution and NPCI’s NACH is a daily and highly time-sensitive operation. To undertake this operation efficiently, NACH’s next-generation technology platform provides two options. One option is to manually upload and download files to and from the NACH Network. Another more sophisticated option is to set up a host-to-host secure connection between your institution and the NACH Network that will enable a fully automated file sharing mechanism.

Centrum MMS-ACH includes the following modules and features:

Administration Module

The Administration Module enables setting up and maintenance of Master Data for the institution and users.

  • Institution Setup
  • Branch Setup
  • User Role & Privileges Setup
  • User Setup

Mandate Management Module

Mandate Management Module processes image-based & non-image based mandates. It is a web-based module for Banks to participate in NPCI’s NACH network in order to undertake end-to-end mandate operations.

  • Paper based & E-mandate processing
  • Multi-Scanner Support
  • Mandate- Decision Support System
  • Supports E-Mandate custom Input file
  • ISO 20022 compliant
  • Parameterized-Validation & Duplicate Detection
  • Digital Signature- Class II & III certificate
  • 4-Eyes Principle based Fraud Prevention
  • Reports
  • Dashboards
  • Fetch Signature & Account Information
  • Mandate Extract file
  • Event based Alerting System
  • Mandate Archive and Research

ACH Payment Processing Module

Payments Processing Module processes NPCI’s NACH based transaction types.

  • Support NPCI-NACH Transaction types
  • Auto-originate Debit transactions
  • Originate Transaction Based on Custom Input File
  • Transaction-Decision Support System
  • Automatic Rule based Re-processing
  • Parameterized Validation & Duplicate Detection
  • 4-Eyes Principle based Fraud Prevention
  • Digital Signature- Class II & III certificate
  • Reports
  • Dashboards
  • Straight-Through-Processing
  • CBS Posting Extract file