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Sales meet 2018

VSoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. started off Financial Year 2018-19 with its Annual Sales Meet held on April 14th & April 15th in Hyderabad. VSoft’s Management Team, Product & Development Managers, and Regional Sales representatives attended the two-day interactive Sales Meet.
The event was initiated by Mr. Murthy Veeraghanta, CEO of VSoft Technologies with his welcome address and opening remarks.
The first day focused largely on product information addressing Market Potential and Marketing Strategy for each of the Product lines. Key Development Milestones achieved in FY ‘17-’18 was also discussed at length on the first day of the event.
The second day started with the Annual Marketing Plan and followed by a demonstration from Development Managers. The ‘Account Management and Sales Pipeline’ from Mr. Srinivas Dronamraju, Chief Operating Officer and an informative session on ‘Salesmanship’ from Mrs. Lakshmi Veeraghanta were the highlights on the second day of the event.
“I think the whole organization has been working hard and made great progress in the past one year. Everyone contributed and played a vital role. Based on the two-day informative discussion and past one year’s achievements, we are confident and believe that we are on the correct path in building a great future” said Mr. Murthy Veeraghanta on the culmination of the event.
During the two-day meet, all attendees were actively involved in group discussions which resulted in team bonding and effective communication between regions. A teambuilding activity and a gala dinner for all attendees were organized on the first day to celebrate the successful meet. The success of the Annual Sales Meet FY ’18-‘19 helped us clarify and understand our strategy which has further resulted in the fine-tuning of our global sales goals.