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Core Banking

VSoft’s IRIS suite includes the next-generation IRIS Core Banking Solution (CBS) and an assortment of ancillary solutions. While the IRIS CBS is a comprehensive core banking platform that includes all common retail banking functions, the ancillary solutions like IRIS Omnichannel Banking, IRIS Kisan Loan System, IRIS ATM Switching, and IRIS Customer Onboarding enable financial institutions to broaden and bolster their business and service.

A next-generation core banking platform built on advanced Java frameworks and designed with Service Oriented Architecture (SAO) design principles. Learn more

IRIS PACS Automation
A powerful and flexible platform to transform daily operations at Primary Agricultural Credit Societies (PACS). Learn more

IRIS Kisan Loan System
A highly parameterised agricultural loan processing platform to manage the complete life cycle of KCC, MT and LT loans right from credit limit application to drawals and repayments. Learn more

IRIS Customer Onboarding Solution
An image-enabled and eKYC-ready platform designed to seamlessly handle information flow right from the point of meeting the customer on the field and finally ordering and dispatching of the welcome kit. Learn more